Who are we

1) Our Technology Providers include A*star ETPL, Singapore National Eye Centre and Institute of Bioengineering and         Nanotechnology, renown research institutes in Singapore.

2) Our shareholders in the parent and subsidiaries include Mr Mick Aw , Dr GL Tan , Professor Jackie Ying and ETPL.

3) Company shareholding chart.

4) Intellectual Properties (with patents filed) belonging to the Group Companies.

5) Our Lab is in the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology(IBN) in Biopolis Singapore carries on research to         bring products invented by IBN to commercialisation.

Validation works are done by third party contractors after our Lab establishes MIC and efficacy for pathogen susceptibility, cell toxicity, cell mutations and skin sensitivity are all established.

Applications of our anti pathogen products in various media are tested in this Lab.

Our Lab also works on the scaling up of products for mass production.