Short Beta Folding Peptides

B) Short Beta Folding Peptides

short beta peptide

Although some natural membrane lytic antimicrobial peptides (AMP) produced from bacteria,fungus,insects(e.g moricin, melittin) and mammals(defensin and protegrins) hold great promise as anti infectious disease therapies,the many challenges   to their wide usage include production costs,systemic toxicities,long peptide sequence (tendency for protein binding with body fluids) and possible compromise of host immune system.

A  class of specially designed and engineered short beta folding peptides amphiphiles exhibit broad spectrum antimicrobial activities and kill many pathogens including a wide array of Gram positive bacteria like S. aureus  and S. epidermis ,Gram negative bacteria like P. aeruginosa and E. coli. This peptide design has been demonstrated to inhibit growth of MRSA(methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus),VRE(vancomycin resistant enterococci) and the fungi Cryptococcus neofarmans and Candida albicans. The peptides cause the lysis of bacterial cells and their immediate death.

These peptides are superior in action to many current antibiotics in that they can neutralize the endotoxins released by gram negative bacteria when ruptured. These peptides can also kill many eukaryotes , many different fungi like Candida, Fusarium.

It is very effective in fungal keratitis and shown to be as effective as amphotericin B which is unstable and expensive. When treating Candida biofilms it is demonstrated to be more effective than Fluconazole.

This designed synthetic Beta sheet folding peptides are highly selective,non cytotoxic at minimum inhibition concentrations(MIC) and have great potential as broad spectrum antimicrobials to overcome antibiotic resistant Multi drug resistant(MDR) pathogens.

This class of peptides can be designed to eliminate fungi like Aspergillus, Coccidioides(Valley fever) and others. We will further research on designs of this peptide and attempt to treat infections caused by amoeba and protozoa like leishmaniasis, trichomoniasis and other parasitic diseases.

We will also test one engineered variation of this peptide on carbapenem resistant bacteria and the list of antibiotic resistant bacteria listed by WHO and reproduced in the Introductory page.

We have branded this short beta folding peptide AMPirik.It is a short peptide with less than 10 amino acids so production is less complicated and relatively low cost. It is also soluble in water and most solvents.

Applications of Ampirik include use as active bactericides and fungicides.

AMPirik can be used in very specific applications:


1. For body odours and foot odours especially targeting sweat breakdown bacteria like Staphylococcus hominis. In deodorant applications it can be incorporated in sprays, roll on, creams(together with moisturisers), gels and liquids and powders.

2. For sterilisation of contact lenses as wash and soak (anti bacterial and anti fungi)

3. For dental prostheses sterilization and soak.

4. For non alcoholic moisturising hand sanitisers in sprays, clear liquids, emulsions, creams and disposable tissues and cloths.


5. For Nappy rashes and all minor skin cuts, irritations and infections caused by bacteria or fungus as liquid or cream forms.

6. For eyedrops for all eye infections especially bacterial and fungal keratitis.

7. For oral ulcer gels and gum infection as gels and medicated solutions.

8. For Ear,Nose and Throat local fungal and bacterial infections as medicated solution or drops.


9. In first and second degree burns as medicated powder or creams,ointments and sprays.

10. In diabetic,pressure wounds and post operative wounds in medicated solutions,creams and sprays.


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