(ROS)Zn/Zn0 Composites

     A) Metal Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS)Zn/ZnO composites

These metal/metal oxide composites have demonstrated in vitro to be very potent cascades of reactive oxygen species, lethal on contact to E. coli using the JIS Z 2801/ISO 22196 method. The ROS density was demonstrated by chemiluminescence test:

ROS concentration of ZnO/Zn is much higher than the rest.This suggests that ROS is the main reason that kills bacteria(Zn,ZnO/glass and Zno/Ti have no bactericidal property(log reduction <1) as evaluated using JIS method.

Ros Display

These Zn/ZnO high ROS compounds are low in cost and easy to scale up production.It is very stable and have long-term activity, not size dependent and can be active in size ranging from nano to micro metre.This product is clean and safe and ZnO is classified as a skin protectant by FDA.

We have branded our Zn/ZnO product Rozinco


Applications of Rozinco

Applications include use as preservatives or active ingredients in cosmetics and personal products. The Zn/ZnO composite can be used in several forms in a variety of products:

 i) In solid form:


 * Antiseptic and anti fungal powder;foot deodorant powder

 *Hand protectant and sanitizing powder before inserting surgical and sanitary gloves.

 *Solid water or air filters(to reduce airborne or waterborne diseases esp. nosocomial environments)

 ii) In creams or ointments:


*Cosmetic creams including skin creams and facial washes and cleansers.

*Skin protectant Creams for minor skin cuts,wounds,irritations and localised infections like impetigo and nappy rash.

*Body and Foot deodorants


 iii) In emulsions,gels,solutions and sprays:


*Cosmetic and skin care products.


*Gels for oral canker sores and gum infections.

*Gargles and disinfecting dental device washes and rinsers.

*Non alcohol skin and hand sanitizer with moisturiser and skin protectant.


*Disinfecting paint for any surface or walls in nurseries, nursing homes, hospitals, community areas, pet toys and pet houses.

*In sprays for horticulture and agriculture for plant fungal and bacterial infections and preservation of cut in flowers in vase(in water)

*Pet washes and pet skin infections.

*Personal care products like shampoos and bath washes.


iv) Impregnating the composite in polymer or textile fibers:


*Cloth diapers(washable and reusable with bacterial reduction quality.

*Disposable baby or adult diapers(with bacterial reduction quality)

*Odour reduction and non skin irritation clothes for sensitive skin


*Odour reduction floortraps and urinal traps.

*Air-condition and air filters for homes and hospitals.


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