Bacterial Quorum Sensing Inhibitors

 C) Bacterial Quorum Sensing Inhibitors from Natural or Bioengineered Enzymes.

Quorum Sensing Bacteria(QS)was first discovered about 40 years ago in marine bacterial species Vibrio fischeri and Vibrio harveyi.Both caused bioluminescence.Quorum sensing is described as :

When bacteria gather in a cluster and mutually sense a group presence they send signals to each other through auto inducers which are small signalling proteins. These signals trigger all bacteria present to multiply by binary fission and very quickly huge numbers of the same phenotype overwhelm the host. This means the bacteria has become virulent and infection and disease symptoms appear in the host. This bacteria virulence is promoted by quorum sensing.

Quorom sensing

If these auto inducers or quorum sensing mechanism can be quenched or inhibited the bacteria will not be wiped out completely but reduced to a non virulent population and the host infection or disease will be suppressed.

There are inter and intra cellular bacteria quorum sensing. It is believed that intra cellular signal agents called cyclic di- GMP is a second bacteria signalling agent and an important player in biofilm productions and defense against antibiotics.

So inhibitors of both intercellular auto inducers and intracellular cyclic di-GMP contribute to quenching or suppressing bacterial and many fungal infections.

These inhibitors can be natural enzymes produced by the bacteria eg Acyl homoserine lactone lactonase(AHL Lactonase)or natural enzymes from plants(eg garlic) and chemically engineered or synthesised enzymes.quorom quenching

There is merit to demonstrate the advantages of subduing an infection with quorum sensing inhibitors in that they do not kill all the bacteria in the host body(including the natural microbiome).When the natural microbiome is wiped out the host is subject to metabolic stress and invasions by opportunistic pathogens. Replacement of “good” bacteria is necessary.

It is theorised that if our animals kept for meat whether cattle chickens pigs or fish are not given antibiotics when they are infected but instead fed with quorum sensing inhibitor enzymes, they may be healthier as their natural microbiome is maintained. No antibiotics treated pathogens are then left in animals to mutate to antibiotic resistance.

In humans infections treated by such probiotics may leave our natural microbiome of Lactobacillus and other gut flora unharmed.

Certain quorum sensing inhibitors which are naturally produced can in higher concentrations become very effective antibiotics as demonstrated below:


Applications for Quorum Sensing Inhibitors:


1. For skin minor injuries,burns ,bacterial and fungal infections.

2. For animals including pet infections, in the animal husbandry animal feed supplement and medicines the market is big as this prevents such animals from harbouring antibiotic resistant pathogens and mutating in their bodies to infect man.

3. For agricultural control of plants fruits grains and flowers infection with fungus and bacteria.


4. For human probiotics. Taken with some Natural gut bacteria like Lactobacillus this quorum sensing inhibitor will not interfere with the natural microbiome of the human gut but protects the body from any virulence from a whole host of bacteria and fungus.This keeps the Digestive System healthy.

5. For gargles,this product unlike harsh disinfecting or antiseptic agents like chlorhexidine or alcohol,does not kill the natural microbiome in the oral, buccal and upper respiratory tract while protecting the whole area from virulent pathogen infections.

Eye Screening for the masses.

A convenient and affordable system to check the eyes of those over 40 years of age and diabetics. These two groups are at high risk of developing eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration(AMD),macular diseases and other serious eye diseases.

All these eye diseases have no pain or symptoms but can lead to blindness. Early detection is essential as most of these eye diseases can be treated at early stages.

Early detection is the best prevention.

Our  Eye Tess(Telehealth Eye Screening System) uses a Fundus Camera to take a person’s eyes photos without requiring pupil dilation eye drops (non mydriasis).These photo images are wirelessly sent to our Remote Image Grading Centre by internet or through telephone network.

Our Remote Image Grading Centre then  interpret  the eye images and recommend either a retest for normal eyes or immediate Eye Specialist attention for those with symptoms of eye diseases.

This triage medical process ensures early detection and treatment of those persons needing immediate eye medical attention and  improves the eye health of those in the high risks group.

We want to establish a culture where eye check is part of health check and as important as liver check and blood profile check.

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